The PBIS Compendium

Resources compiled by the Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports Facilitators of the Special School District of St. Louis County


Systematic use of data supports decision-making and celebrations throughout the multi-tiered framework so that we can achieve desired outcomes.  Here you can find resources, examples, and materials to help support data use, as well as some of the exciting results we have experienced or observed. 


Over the last 10 years, St. Louis County has experienced consistent growth in the number of schools implementing Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS).  As the journey continues, Special School District and partnering schools/districts are beginning the transformation to the next generation of tiered intervention systems, Comprehensive Integrated Three-Tiered Model (CI3T) of Prevention and Intervention, integrating academic behavioral and social supports for all students.  The graph below shows this growth and evolution over time.

Compendium SeeHowWeGrow



We value feedback from our partners in the multi-tiered framework and use their input to guide our work. Below you will find the results from the 2014-2015 First Semester Social Validity survey we sent out to Building Administrators, Special Education Administrators, Tier 1 Coaches, and Tier 2/3 System Leaders. Thank you for all who were involved with taking the time out to continue our growth and development to better partner with your schools! From this data, we have made some adjustments, including offering the PBIS/CI3T Summer Training Institue, with sessions designed to support schools at all three tiers as they scale up student supports in academics, behavior, and social domains. Results from the most recent survey also indicate that implementers feel that PBIS continues to support positive outcomes for students with and without disabilities:

 compendium 01

compendium 02


View all of the results here:

2014-2015 First Semester Social Validity

2013-2014 First Semester Social Validity

Two adjustments were made from the feedback received from the 2014-15 Social Validity Survey:

School teams requested summer training in order to support their work in growing and sustaining a multi-tiered model of support. As a response to this request, in June of 2015, the SSD PBIS Team hosted the "CI3T/PBIS - All Means All Summer Institue," a one day, team-based training opportunity with multiple breakout sessions highlighting content in data, systems, and practices within a multi-tiered framework.

Respondents to the social validity survey also provided the SSD PBIS Team with the opportunity to make improvements to beginning of the year coaching and support. In order to gather data for this opportunity, team members in St. Louis County were invited to submit feedback through a Beginning of the Year Survey. Data from this survey will be used to make immediate adjustments to the coaching and support provided by the SSD PBIS Team at the beginning of the 2015-16 school year.


Adjustments from past social validity surveys have included: 

First, we have started and will continue to place more resources for all on our SSD PBIS Compendium. We posted several of our Tier 1, 2, and 3 Professional Learning resources. Please continue to share with us what you would like to see on the site!

Secondly, we will work to make the recommitment process more meaningful for school teams. More information about the process will be coming out August 2014.





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