The PBIS Compendium

Resources compiled by the Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports Facilitators of the Special School District of St. Louis County

Wedgwood Elementary Shared Resources

Shared Resources from:

Wedgwood Elementary School
Ferguson-Florissant School District

Comprehensive School-Wide Plan   Wedgwood.pdf
"I-Five" Approach   254.doc
I am Cooperative Do My Part 208.doc
I am Cooperative Follow Directions Promptly 209.doc
I am Cooperative Give Turns 210.doc
I am Cooperative Share with Others 211.doc
I am Cooperative Solve Problems Positively 212.doc
I am Kind Being a Friend 213.doc
I am Kind Including and Helping Others 215.doc
I am Kind Keep My Hands and Feet to Myself 216.doc
I am Kind Use Good Manners 214.doc
I am Kind Use Kind Words and Actions 217.doc
I am Kind Word Webbing 255.doc
I am Respectful Be a Good Listener 220.doc
I am Respectful Care For and Encourage Each Other 219.doc
I am Respectful Respect all Property 222.doc
I am Respectful Use Appropriate Voice and Words 218.doc
I am Respectful Use Polite Words 221.doc
I am Responsible Accepting the Outcomes of my Behavior 203.doc
I am Responsible Demonstrate Self Control 226.doc
I am Responsible Following Rules 224.doc
I am Responsible Make Good Choices 225.doc
I am Responsible Take Care of Myself and Do My Job 201.doc
I am Safe Follow Rules and Procedures 227.doc
I am Safe Line Basics 228.doc
I am Safe Move Safely 229.doc
I am Safe Use Equipment Appropriately 230.doc
I am Safe Walking  
"I-Five" and Expectations (Matrix)   253.doc
I am Responsible Accept Outcomes of My Behavior 207.doc
I am Responsible Demonstrate Self-Control 204.doc
I am Responsible Following the Rules 206.doc
I am Responsible Make Good Choices  
I am Responsible Taking Care of Myself 205.doc
I am Cooperative Following Game Rules 247.doc
I am Cooperative Giving Turns 248.doc
I am Kind Invite Others to Join 249.doc
I am Respectful Respect all Property 223.doc
I am Responsible Keep Track of Belongings/Equipment 246.doc
I am Responsible Solve Problems Positively 250.doc
I am Safe Follow Safety Rules on Equipment 251.doc
I am Kind   185.doc
I am Responsible   186.doc
I am Cooperative   197.doc
I am Kind   198.doc
I am Respectful   199.doc
I am Responsible   200.doc
I am Respectful   192.doc
I am Responsible Take Care of Myself and Do My Job 193.doc
I am Safe   194.doc
Body Basics    
Body Posture   188.doc
Eye Contact   190.doc
Pleasant Facial Expressions   189.doc
Pleasant Tone of Voice   191.doc
Respect Other's Space   187.doc
Hallway Line Basics 1 241.doc
  Line Basics 2 242.doc
PBS Student Survey   245.doc
PBS Behavior Sheet   244.doc
Choices and Consequences   195.doc
Give Me five Point Challenge   231.doc
WE CAN WORK IT OUT   252.doc

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