The PBIS Compendium

Resources compiled by the Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports Facilitators of the Special School District of St. Louis County

Building Internal Capacity

According to the National Center's Professional Development Blueprint: Internal Coaches primarily serve as the link between the district SWPBS Initiative and the school team. Internal coaches serve as resources for the school team during PBIS meetings, point person between the school team and building administrator, point person between the District/Facilitator in regards to needed additional support, provide the PBIS leadership within the school building, and assist with problem solving.

We know that schools and districts need to constantly work at building capacity around all three tiers in order to sustain and maintian the work implemented. Below are resources that will support current and new coaches, administrators, and others to build their own capacity.

The SSD PBIS values communiation, skill development, celebrations, and transparency. The SSD PBIS Newsblast is one strategy we use throughout the year to share information.

View all the issues of the newsblasts here

Tier 1 Getting Started 2014-2015         Additional Resources can be found on this Google Site

Day 1 Participant Power Point

Day 2 Participant Power Point

Staff Presentation Template

Staff Social Validity Survey Template

Action Plan Template

Tier 1 Team Checklist

 "P" - Power-Point Presentationsower-Point Presentations

Braiding Initiatives:  PBIS and CHARACTERplus
Overview of PBIS
PBIS Participant Overview SS 2012
PBIS for Support Staff
Discipline Referral Powerpoint Presentation
PBIS on the Bus
PBIS for Transportation Support Staff

Problem Solving with Function in Mind

Below are power points that reference key systems and practices to focus on throughout the year. These presentations are to support leaders in communictating, teaching, and revieiwing universal content.

Tier 1 Coaching Networks for Partner Districts Sept-Oct

Agenda Example Sept- Oct

Coaching Networks for Partner Districts Nov-Dec

Agenda Example Nov-Dec

Coaching Networks for Partner Districts Jan-Feb

Agenda Example Jan-Feb

Tier 1: Classroom Mini Modules

Managing Challenging Behaviors

Session 1a. Classroom Management and Low Intensity Strategies
Session 1b. Effective Instruction and Motivation
Session 2a. Self Monitoring
Session 2b. Behavior Contracting

Missouri Classroom Effective Practices

Classroom Rules and Expectations:

Classroom Procedures and Routines:

Encouraging Expected Behavior in the Classroom:

Discouraging Inappropriate Behavior in the Classroom Part 1: 

Discouraging Inappropriate Behavior in the Classroom Part 2:


MO-SW-PBS: 3rd Annual Summer Institute
Three-Tiered Models/Evidence-Based Practices - Positive Behavior Supports  June 23-25, 2008
Keynote:  Extending an RTI Approach to School-Wide Behavior Support
Horner Breakout Session: Transforming Complexity into Practical Action

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