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Resources compiled by the Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports Facilitators of the Special School District of St. Louis County


What is a Functional Assessment-Based Intervention(FA-BI)? 

It is the development of behavior change strategies that are based on the data gathered during the FBA and that are directly linked to the function of the behavior.

SSD adopted the Collaborative FA-BI Process in 2013, after training schools since 2009. The purpose for this Tier 3 FA-BI process was chosen to:

a) Enhance student success in academic, behavioral, and social domains for all students.

b) Support inclusive education for all students.

c) Build school- site capacity to assist students for whom primary prevention efforts are insufficient, by learning how to design, implement, and evaluate rigorous functional-assessment based interventions using a systematic approach.

See the full list of schools have been trained in this FA-BI Tier 3 Intervention.


June 8, 2015 Functional Assessment-Based Intervention Awareness Presentation 


Frequently Asked Question:

"Where can we access all the FABI documents, training materials, and resources?" 

Answer: All FABI information can be found on the FABI Home Doc.. This is in google, so you will need to download any resources you wish to use. 


"Who might benefit from a Functional Assessment- Based Intervention?"

Answer: Here are 4 questions that the team should ask as they are identifying students for this intervention:  

1. Does the student's behavior impede his or her learning of others? Of, does the student pose a threat to him or herself or others? (Drasgow & Yell, 2001)

2. Has the student been non-responsive to other intervention efforts?

3. Does the student have multiple risk factors (e.g., harsh and inconsistent parenting or high mobility) making himn or her more susceptible to school failure and/or dangerous behavior?

**If you answered YES to all three questions, then a FA-BI may be warranted**

                  If the student has been (a) placed in an alternative setting for behavior dangerous to him or herself ot others (b) placed in an alternative setting for 45 days due to drug or weapons violations or (c) has been suspended from school for more than 10 days or placement has been changed (Drasgow & Yell, 2001) than a FABI is MANDATORY by the Individuals with Disabilities Act (IDEA, 2004).


                 This is an example of an Intervention Guideline for the FA-BI intervention. If implementing this intervention, the school team would want to create one for their context.

             "Our school has been trained in FA-BI previously and we would like to access the most current documents to use with this process. How can we go about receiving those?"

Answer: We now have a Google Site to access all materials. Training and coaching are recommended to implement this intervention with fidelity. Please contact the school's PBIS Facilitator to answer any questions and/or set up a time for coaching.


"Our team would like to share some information about FABI with our families and staff. What would you recommend?"

Answer: The presentation: SSD FABI Level 1 is an overview that can be shared with all staff and families. It can be found on the google site under "Other Resources" Another tool might be a more in depth presentation that each school has created as they have gone through the training that shares their case study. A template of the presentation can also be found on the FABI google site.


"I am a special educator and have to complete the behavior intervention plan on the SSD Exceed site. How do I take what we created from this intervention to the Exceed BIP template?"

Answer: The BIP on HO 6.1 from training directly aligns to what can be found on the Exceed BIP page.

The Exceed BIP Teamplate can be found here

View tips to transfer the BIP from Ho 6.1 to Exceed


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