The PBIS Compendium

Resources compiled by the Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports Facilitators of the Special School District of St. Louis County


A partnership between families and schools within a multi-tiered system of support is essential in order for all students to gain success. Family participation and voice in the development of school-wide PBIS is invaluable. Families have a unique perspective of their child's strengths and needs. By increasing involvement and partnering, they can play an influential role in creating a bridge between a child’s school experience and home life.  Through partnership and collaboration at all levels of PBIS, positive outcomes for children are attainable both at home, in school, and their community.

Below are resources to consider utilizing in the home to create consistency across settings (home, school, and community)

PBIS Tier 1 Family Partnership power point can be used to explore and make connections between school sytems and family engagement.

PBIS Home Matrix is a visual that can be used to explore, identify, and teach a desired behavior across settings. For example, dinner time, bed time, or running errands. Just like schools utlilize this matrix to develop and teach school wide expecations across school settings. For example what does it look like to be respectful in the classroom, hallways, and cafeteria. View a completed example of the Home Matrix.

SW-PBIS Family Overview is a document that provides a break down of PBIS within the school setting and explores family involvement.

Family Behavior 101 is a powerpoint that is intended to help families develop a deeper understanding of behavior and explore pro-active strategies.

Functional Assessment-Based Interventions (FA-BI) is a tertiary intervention packaged designed for a student identified as needing additional supports based on the function of his or her behavior, which is determined through a systematic process of observations and assessments. Family collaboration and partnership is valuable and a kep component with this intervention.

Below are resources to use to learn more about a) the process of a FA-BI  and b) the family's role.

Family FA-BI Guide

Family FA-BI Voice Over Power Point

FA-BI Terms and Definitions



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