The PBIS Compendium

Resources compiled by the Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports Facilitators of the Special School District of St. Louis County

Secondary Examples




Secondary Prevention is for students who are identified as nonresponsive to the primary or universal plan. One these students are identified and meet criteria for needing more support, schools can offer interentions to meet their academic, behavioral, and/or social concerns. Example can include small groups for social skills or reading comprehension group with self-monitoring. We encourage schools to use evidence-based interventions in their school. These are the interventions that Special School District PBIS supports abd below you will find examples.

Do you have examples to share with others around the community? Artifacts might include: family/student/staff communication, intervention guidelines, treatment integrity or social validity examples, and/or other pieces of your Tier 2 manual? Please send artifacts to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - Our team will review all submissions. Thank You!


Interested in using the tools or others below for your school? Please visit our Tier 2/3 Systems page for blank copies of these items and more!

Are you looking for the SRSS? It has moved along with the other templates for systems development. Please visit  (which is located inside the Tier 2/3 Systems page).

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Check In - Check Out

CICO Implementers Treatment Integrity Example
CICO Classroom Teacher Treatment Integrity Example
Adaptable Daily Progress Report  Example
CICO Teacher/Student Social Validity Example
CICO Elementary Daily Progress Report Example
CICO Middle Block Schedule Daily Progress Report Example
CICO 80% Student Data Trend Line  
CICO 85% Student Data Trend Line  
CICO 90% Student Data Trend Line  


Newcomers Club

 Intervention Guidelines Example  
 Student Social Valdity  Example  
 Student Matrix Quiz  Example


Family Social Validity Example  


Mentoring Programs

Elementary School     Contributing School
Mentoring Letter 104.doc   Beasley ES - Mehlville SD
Mentoring Program Survey 105.doc   Beasley ES - Mehlville SD
Mentorship Program - Data Collection Form 156.doc   Iveland ES - Ritenour SD
Mentorship Program - Parent Permission Form 164.doc   Iveland ES - Ritenour SD
Mentorship Recommendations 157.doc   Iveland ES - Ritenour SD


Self Management

 Student Social Validity  Example
 Classroom Teacher Treatment Integrity Checklist  Example
 Self Management Intervention Guidelines  Example
 Self Evaluation Checklist

 Elementary Example

Secondary Example



Social Skills Clubs

Elementary School     Contributing School
Social Skills Club Letter 154.doc   Iveland ES - Ritenour SD
Social Skills Club Letter to Parents 163.doc   Iveland ES - Ritenour SD
Social Skills Club Certificate of Completion 149.doc   Iveland ES - Ritenour SD

  Rounded Rectangle: Check-In and Check-Out
Social Skills
Behavior Contracts
Newcomers Club
Study/Organizational Skills

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